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Our cannabis is grown exclusively in Colorado at elevations providing optimal growing conditions. Select one of our currently available Strains for more information.
  • Blue Cheese

    Strain: Blue Cheese
    Genetics: Blueberry clones x Big Buddha Cheese
    Sativa⁄Indica: 20⁄80
    Description: Blue Cheese was created by crossing a set of Blueberry males, acquired from several different breeders, with Big Buddha Cheese, the backbone of many of Big Buddha's breeding projects. The resulting seeds were grown out and a male was selected from 40 different Blueberry x Cheese male contestants, becoming the proud papa of this pungent strain. The selected Blueberry Cheese male was then crossed once again with a Big Buddha Cheese female, making this hybrid a mostly cheese plant with a hint of blueberry.
    Uses: Relaxation, Stress and Pain Relief.
  • Chemdog

    Strain: Chemdog
    Genetics: Varies?
    Sativa⁄Indica: 100⁄0 ?
    Description: Some crazy history to this strain, read about it here.
    Chemdog History
    Uses: Deep muscle and joint pains, Mood disorders glaucoma, Anxious or restless behaviors, Nausea, Movement disorders.
  • G-13

    Strain: G-13
    Genetics: ?
    Sativa⁄Indica: 0⁄100
    Description: The history of G-13 is just a legend. The U.S. government has operated a research pot farm in the state of Mississippi since the 60's. Over time, the powerful agency's operated by the U.S. government (CIA, FBI, DEA, etc.) bought, and collected cannabis (clones and seeds) from every part of the world. All true breeding varieties (the most prized by breeders). Some one stole a cutting from a 100% indica that is a genetic masterpiece. Circulated underground and now the world.
    Uses: Mood disorders, Anxious or restless behaviors, Stress and Pain Relief.
  • Querkle

    Strain: Querkle
    Genetics: Purple Urkle x Space Queen
    Sativa⁄Indica: 20⁄80
    Description: This strain took 10 years to perfect with the lemon-berry taste of sour grape gum. Purple coloring and tinted resin are part of this Indica's make up.
    Uses: Good for sleep and relaxing
  • Super Lemon Haze

    Strain: Super Lemon Haze
    Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
    Sativa⁄Indica: 50⁄50
    Description: Won the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup with a landslide of votes. Its incredibly intense lemony flavour, with a strong haze background has a sharp and intense taste, which reminds of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, followed by a very earthy and musky haze aftertaste, with traces of incense and black pepper.
    Uses: Mood disorders, Anxious or restless behaviors, Stress and Pain Relief.
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At this time, the possession and use of this product is for qualified medicinal patients only.  Any possession, distribution or use by unauthorized individuals is subject to both state and federal laws, and that individual risks criminal prosecution at multiple levels of government.  You should not use this or any other cannabis product while operating heavy machinery.

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