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Our cannabis is grown exclusively in Colorado at elevations providing optimal growing conditions.
We offer seeds from Centennial Seed Company, Colorado's finest seed bank, as well as TGA Seeds.
Our bubble hash is made in house using the very best product to ensure potency.
Brownies, Chocolate covered pretzels and more from Discreet Treats.
Cannabis infused tea bags in various flavors are available from Sarah's Medicated Teas.
Tincture Belle offers tinctures, rubs, and soaps resulting in a soothing body effect.
From OrganaLabs, Cannatabs offer a smokeless and edible alternative.
We offer a wide variety of glass products from Kind Creations.
Huge selection of books available.
Lighters, t-shirts, stickers and more...
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At this time, the possession and use of this product is for qualified medicinal patients only.  Any possession, distribution or use by unauthorized individuals is subject to both state and federal laws, and that individual risks criminal prosecution at multiple levels of government.  You should not use this or any other cannabis product while operating heavy machinery.

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